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Newsflash - Special Promo (Vegetables & Fruits)!!

Chillies - Green, Corriander Leaves, Lettuce Butter, Mint Leaves, Ash Pumpkin, Beetroot, Cabbage - White, Cucumber Japanese, Eggplant, Lime, Papaya, Sweet Melon (Watermelon), Jambola

Added on 22-Feb-2018


Newsflash - Valentine Chocolate Boxes!!

Metal box with / without Decoration, Fresh Roses
Prices are quoted FOB/Colombo. Suppy on availability at time of order confirmation

Added on 07-Feb-2018


Newsflash - Valentine Chocolates!!

Heart (35g/58g), Cashew Heart, Heart with Shells, Rose Pack, Ganache Rosee, Heart Pack, Cylinder Pack.
Supply on availablility at time of Confirmation

Added on 05-Jan-2018


Newsflash - Prices Slashed!!

TEJC Mango, Breadfruit
W.E.F. 20th December 2017

Added on 18-Dec-2017


Newsflash - Cinnamon Toothpicks!!

Custom Packed Toothpicks (Bundle of 250 picks with 2 color print), 100 Picks in a Wooden Holder, 200 Packs in a Wooden Holder, Refill Packs 100 Nos, Refill Packs 200 Nos

Added on 08-Dec-2017


Newsflash - Cantaloupe Special!!

Cantaloupe Melon from Bangalore. Approx. 4-6 Fruit per Box

Added on 04-Dec-2017


Newsflash - Lobster Promo!!

H/On Lobster, H/On Shoe Lobster, Shoe Lobster - Tail
Updated w.e.f. 19th November 2017

Added on 17-Nov-2017


Newsflash - Special Promotions (Vegetables, Fruits & Lettuces)!!

W.E.F. 1st October 2017 until further notice
Avocadoes, Mango Tejc, Pine Apple, Wood Apple, Banana Apple, Banana Ambul, Banana Long, Banana Red, Jambola, Papaya, Sweet Melon (Watermelon), Dragon Fruit, Mangosteen, Rosemary, Thyme, Dill Leaves, Mint Leaves, Origano, Sage, Basil Leaves, Lettuce Butter, Lettuce Excite Salanova, Lettuce Excite Salanova Red, Lettuce Frillice, Lettuce Green Coral, Lettuce Green Oak, Lettuce Red Coral, Lettuce Red Oak, Lettuce Romano Cos, Lettuce Ice Burg, Lettuce Green, Lettuce Red, Cabbage - White, Brocolli, Cabbage Chinese, Celery, Cucumber Yellow, Tomatoes Salad, Ash Plantain, Ash Pumpkin, Banana Blossom, Bindi ( Okra), Bitter Gourd (Karavila), Capsicum, Carrot, Cauliflower, Chives, Chollies Green, Corriander Leaves, Cucumber Green, Curry Leaves, Fennel Bulb, Garlic (Whole), Garlic ( Peeled), Gotukola, Kankun, Ladies Fingers, Lemon Grass ( Sera), Lemon/ Lemonine, Luffa ( Vetakolu), Mukunuwanna, Onions Spring, Passion Fruits, Polos ( Tender Jak), Pumpkin, Rampe, Raw Papaya (Green), Rhubarb, Snake Gourd, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Tapioca (Cassava), Thalanabatu (Elabatu), Thibbatu, Beans Green, Beans Long, Beans Winged, Cucumber Japanese, Jak Fruit, Leeks, Lime, Pack Choy, Parsley - Curly, Peppers - Green, Peppers - Red, Peppers - Yellow, Egg Plant, Onions - Red, Radish, Radish Long

Added on 29-Sep-2017


Newsflash - Scampi Promo!!

H/On Fresh Water Prawns (Scampi)
W.E.F. 9th Sep 2017 until further notice

Added on 08-Sep-2017


Newsflash - Revised Promotions (Pineapple)!!

W.e.f. 1st August 2017 further notice!

Added on 28-June-2017


Newsflash - Further Promotions (Rambutan, Mangosteen)!!

Special price for next 2-3 weeks while Stock last
Rambutan, Mangosteen

Added on 22-June-2017


Newsflash - Sweet Deals from Nidro!!

White Sugar Cubes, Brown Sugar Cubes

Added on 19-June-2017


Newsflash - Kern & Hundt Range (Page 01)!!

New Price List W.E.F 1st July 2017
Jams & Bees Honey, Chutneys & Tomato Ketchup, Mustard

Added on 16-June-2017


Newsflash - Kern & Hundt Range (Page 02)!!

New Price List W.E.F 1st July 2017
Jams, Chutneys, Flavoured Oils, Mustard

Added on 16-June-2017


Newsflash - Special Promo (Fruits)!!

W.E.F 16th June 2017 until further notice
Avocado, Dragon Fruits, Mango TEJC, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Papaya, Passion Fruits

Added on 15-June-2017


Newsflash - Seasonal Updates!!

Just Coming into season...
Pineapple, Sri Lankan Orange, Dragon Fruit, Drumsticks

Added on 08-May-2017


Newsflash - Mangosteen

Season beginning.. available till end April
Lead-time 3 days

Added on 03-March-2017


Newsflash - Seafood Promotion

H/L Prawns - Tiger, H/On Prawns, P&D Prawns, Tail On Prawns, Octopus, Live Mud Crab, Cut Crabs, Sea Crabs (Large Frozen), Crab Meat, H/On Lobster
W.e.f. 5th March 2017 until further notice

Added on 03-March-2017


Newsflash - Special promo (Pure Natural Lemonine Juice Concentrate)

Originally developed by a Danish Architect who preferred Farming in Sri Lanka to designing buildings, Lemonine Juice is a pure concentrate Juice which is marketed under the Brand name "Copenhagen Farm".

Added on 22-February-2017


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Added on 08-Mar-2016
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